• detlef

    Spielt Schlagzeug

    The bad-ass cover is the first clue that this isn’t your typical solo percussion recital. Drummer Detlef Schönenberg has crafted a compelling industrial soundscape of rattling beats, hissing metal, and chiming tones. It offers sculpted noise and subtle beat science… Continue reading

  • curtis

    Self Trait

    A gorgeous outlier in the FMP catalog, this solo piano album by Curtis Clark traffics in blues and ballads. Clark – who plays with David Murray – mines the African American jazz tradition for his own purposes, unfurling pieces of… Continue reading

  • santana


    Here’s the *REAL* Santana! A lost classic of European jazz, this early recording by the potent trio of Pierre Favre, Irène Schweizer, and Peter Kowald was waxed in 1968, before Carlos started gigging under his own name. This churning music may… Continue reading

  • urs1


    Another valuable rarity rescued from the vaults! This solo piano album by Urs Voerkel has a stellar reputation among the few lucky enough to hear it. The album has earned comparisons to Thelonious Monk, Lennie Tristano, and even Professor Longhair… Continue reading

  • urs2

    Voerkel | Frey | Lovens

    This exceptionally rare trio date led by pianist Urs Voerkel is full of racheting tensions and blissful dissipations. Percussionist Lovens and bassist Frey deliver sympathetic accompaniment, knowing when to underpin the melodic motifs and when to undermine them. There’s an impressive… Continue reading

  • a0376070528_10


    In many ways, this is a lost John Tchicai album. It’s a showcase for his formidable talents as a big band leader and arranger – not much seen since his days with Candentia Nova Danica – featuring an impressive group… Continue reading

  • a3836668378_10


    This highly sought-after live album features two of Europe’s finest improvisers. It’s a terrific showcase for the talents of pianist Schweizer and bassist Léandre, highlighting their musical range in a series of taut and concise tunes. Their vivid interactions unleash… Continue reading

  • a0862019425_10


    Powered by the drummer from Krautrock legends Guru Guru, this quartet offers sci-fi inspired soundscapes that remix the vocabulary of free jazz and improv. From sinister ambiance to skittering blow-outs, the tunes are potent and sharply honed. Trumpeter Mich Gerber adds… Continue reading

  • a0895434961_10


    Humor often gets short shrift in improvised music, but Misha Mengelberg knows that it can be more profound than sturm und drang. Impromptus is an inspired and inventive solo piano romp through various short song forms. It’s filled with hairpin… Continue reading

  • a0503718645_10


    An overlooked gem in the FMP catalog, this confusingly-titled album features saxophonist Lol Coxhill, guitarist Mike Cooper, and pianist David Holland, who’s not to be confused with the bassist who shares his name. It’s a jaunty and folk-tinged excursion into… Continue reading

  • a2255980665_10


    Though most of this material was included on FMP CD 111, the compilation called Schlippenbach & Johansson, here for the first time since the original 1978 release is the complete Kung Bore LP. The rare FMP title recorded outside of… Continue reading

  • a4270127758_10 (1)


    This short-lived all-star assemblage of European talent only released one LP, and this is it! A large group that wears its size lightly, there is a lot of space for solos and smaller group work, while also allowing for some… Continue reading

  • a1434588716_10


    Here’s something you don’t see every day: a solo album of “songs and improvisations” performed primarily on the accordion. Rüdiger Carl is nothing if not sui generis, and here listeners get a chance to hear Carl in a truly unadorned musical… Continue reading

  • a0259513624_10


    A follow up of sorts to the Christmann/Schönenberg duo record WE PLAY, featuring work from a couple of years later. The two men have really honed their craft; the communication on REMARKS is remarkable, and remarkably transparent. By the time… Continue reading