• Burning Cloud

    Burning Cloud

    Among other things, Burning Cloud is the best showcase for the late, great Butch Morris’s cornet playing. Surrounded by swooning brass, burbling electronics, and gentle percussion, this shimmering music is simply gorgeous. Morris’s brilliant playing is of a piece of the… Continue reading

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    When the Sun Is Out…

    This is surely the most unique item in the catalogs of jazz greats Butch Morris and Peter Kowald. The seamless blend of jazz improv, deep drones, and Eastern vocals is simply beyond category. The All Music Guide sums it up:… Continue reading

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    United Front, Live

    United Front’s swansong is their finest album – and a real rarity, too. The group proved ahead of their time and their thoughtful infusion of funk rhythms, dramatic flourishes, and hardy melodies into a shifting and adventurous free jazz framework… Continue reading

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    Tuned Boots

    The title “Tuned Boots” ably evokes the sound of the magnificent trio of Irene Schweizer, Rudiger Carl, and Louis Moholo-Moholo. This is stomping martial music made with exquisite nuance. Alternately elated and stern, sparse and surging, this criminally underknown album… Continue reading

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    Solo Vinko Globokar!

    We don’t blame you for thinking this solo album by trombonist Vinko Globokar is obscure for a reason. But you’ll be surprised to discover this music is dense, layered, and downright raucous. A multiphonic mixture of brass, indigenous horns, and… Continue reading

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    The Nearer the Bone, the Sweeter the Meat

    The Wire recently called this trio with two legendary South African jazz musicians one of Peter Brötzmann’s most essential albums! “Moholo’s skipping gallop of rat-a-tat snare and high-tuned toms, accompanied by shouts and moans of ecstatic excitement, propels the set… Continue reading

  • King Alcohol


    The super-rare and highly sought-after debut recording from Rüdiger Carl is finally available again! Unlike his later work, “King Alcohol” is more recognizably in the jazz vein, but still features the unusual trio of tenor sax, trombone, and drums. The… Continue reading