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FMP #8: Blaze On!

An astounding hour of uninterrupted music from one of Cecil Taylor’s very best small groups, recorded during a particularly fertile period in his career. Traces of stride, Errol Garner grace notes, and unrelenting rhythmic inventiveness emerge from Taylor’s piano. Tony… Continue reading

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T (BEAUTIFUL YOUNG’N) I (SISTER YOUNG’N) ENSASLAYI Cecil Taylor Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! MPS : 1980 CT, piano. It’s a sad irony of adventurous jazz: Many of the most fun and accessible recordings remain stubbornly obscure or out-of-print. The… Continue reading

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Welcome to the D:O d/l store!

Elf Bagatellen, by the SCHLIPPENBACH TRIO . . Touch the Earth, Break the Shells, by KOWALD | SMITH | SOMMER We’re thrilled to announce the opening of the Destination: OUT download store. We’re offering high quality downloads of adventurous jazz… Continue reading

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CONSEQUENCES TRIO New York Contemporary Five Consequences Fontana : 1963 Archie Shepp, tenor sax; Don Cherry, trumpet; John Tchicai, alto sax; Don Moore, bass; J. C. Moses, drums. The New York Contemporary Five barely lasted a year all told, but… Continue reading

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Duets of the Gods: Tony Williams + Cecil Taylor

MORGAN’S MOTION Tony Williams Lifetime The Joy of Flying Sony : 1978 TW, drums; Cecil Taylor, piano. Here’s a deep cut that not many people know about. Tony Williams’ eclectic Joy of Flying is an R&B inflected album filled with… Continue reading

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Some Current Trends in Contemporary Classical Music: An Improviser’s Guide

We’re thrilled to welcome back saxophonist and composer Steve Lehman for a special guest post detailing some of the recent contemporary classical music that’s influenced and inspired his work. It’s a sonic world that’s new to us and we hope… Continue reading

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SUMMER RE-UP: Alone in Tokyo at 2:30 am

Originally posted 28 August 2007 LONO ASAPK IN AME Cecil Taylor Solo Venus : 1974 CT, piano. It’s too late for a recording session, but fuck it. Wake the engineer. Tell the studio to make the necessary arrangements. He reminds… Continue reading

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