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Self Trait


A gorgeous outlier in the FMP catalog, this solo piano album by Curtis Clark traffics in blues and ballads. Clark – who plays with David Murray – mines the African American jazz tradition for his own purposes, unfurling pieces of voluptuous melancholy, sly dissonance, and spiky blues. From an inventive take on Duke Ellington’s “Sophisticated Lady” to the keening hesitations of “Self Trait,” this understated gem offers many moments of unadulterated pleasure.

LOST TONES: Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris –
In Touch with Current Trends

IRIN SUN LOVERS EXISTING ON THE DUNES/LONELY THRILL Butch Morris In Touch… But Out of Reach Kharma : 1982 BM, cornet; Grachan Moncur III, trombone; Charles Eubanks, piano; Wilbur Morris, bass; Bobby Battles,  percussion; Steve McCall, percussion. PART TWO Butch Morris Current Trends in… Continue reading

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The Amazing Bone

POLARIZATION>RHYTHM MAGNET>WIND DOLPHIN Julian Priester and Marine Intrustion Polarization ECM : 1977 JP, trombone; Ron Stallings, tenor sax; Ray Obiedo, guitar; Curtis Clark, piano; Heshima Mark Williams, bass; Augusta Lee Collins, drums. In the alternate universe we inhabit when tired… Continue reading

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