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This short-lived all-star assemblage of European talent only released one LP, and this is it! A large group that wears its size lightly, there is a lot of space for solos and smaller group work, while also allowing for some tremendously beautiful, all-in crescendos. And don’t let the “workshop” of the title lead you astray: this is a band with a full understanding of the repertoire, and complete command of the material. Come join The Family!



“Who would have thought a series of soprano saxophone duets would be so compelling?” So begins one rave review of this classic summit meeting between three of jazz’s finest improvisers. The performances on Three Blokes find Lol Coxhill, Evan Parker, and Steve Lacy creating beautiful friction and complementing each other in unexpected ways. With its unusual textures and dizzying melodies, the album showcases each musician in a fresh light. For Lacy fans in particular, this one is a must.



Evan Parker has done as much to advance the language of the saxophone as his namesake Charlie. This is one of his essential releases and a great introduction to his innovations. It’s a solo album comprised of short tracks and studio overdubbing, creating music that’s alternately complex and furious, playful and lyrical.


London Air Lift

London Air Lift features one of saxophonist Evan Parker’s most stirring and sympathetic quartets – including guitar, bass, and drums. It showcases Parker’s links to the jazz tradition while carving out new sonic territory. These eight tracks are taut and surprising, full of telepathic interplay and solid pleasures.

[FMP] Easily Schlipp into a New Year

To ring in 2013, we present a pair of superlative Schlippenbach Quartet albums. Three Nails Left features the classic line-up of Evan Parker, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Peter Kowald, and Paul Lovens, captured live in 1974 (side 1) and 1975 (side… Continue reading

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Brass Fantasy

LA LEGGE E’UGUALE PER TUTTI VORTEX WALTZ Laboratorio della Quercia Laboratorio della Quercia Horo : 1978 Alberto Corvini, Enrico Rava, Kenny Wheeler, trumpet; Danilo Terenzi, Roswell Rudd, trombone; Massimo Urbani, Steve Potts, alto sax; Steve Lacy, soprano sax; Tommaso Vittorini,… Continue reading

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SUMMER RE-UP #4: Everybody Loves Wolfgang Dauner

Originally posted 19 March 2007 OUTPUT NOTHING TO DECLARE ABRAXAS Wolfgang Dauner Output ECM : 1970 WD, piano, ring modulator, clavinet; Eberhard Weber, bass, cello, guitar; Fred Braceful, percussion, voice. Wolfgang Dauner — not exactly a household name. So here… Continue reading

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