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This music’s unclassifiable originality probably accounts for it failing to make a big splash when it first appeared in 1978. Rempel’s ensemble seamlessly meshes jazz and classical modes, finding previously unknown common ground between Ayler, Ligeti, Ravel, and more. The musicians selflessly serve the compositions and ably step out to solo when necessary. Forget previous claims: Number Six is the real Third Stream!

FMP #24: Let Us Pray

Dedication by WAUER | SOMMER Looking for mind-scrambling new sounds? We guarantee this spellbinding combination of church organ and percussion is unlike anything you’ve heard. Recorded in a Berlin cathedral in 1981, brilliant classical organist Hans-Günther Wauer and world-class percussionist… Continue reading

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…jetzt geht’s Kloß! by Destination: OUT store Getting back on the FMP bandwagon once again… This piano and drums duo is a thrilling high-wire act of sustained momentum. Grippingly dramatic and effortlessly enjoyable, the performance begins as a series of… Continue reading

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Welcome to the D:O d/l store!

Elf Bagatellen, by the SCHLIPPENBACH TRIO . . Touch the Earth, Break the Shells, by KOWALD | SMITH | SOMMER We’re thrilled to announce the opening of the Destination: OUT download store. We’re offering high quality downloads of adventurous jazz… Continue reading

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