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UBAQUILE (SEE SAW) TETE AND BARBS IN MY MIND Dudu Pukwana Diamond Express Freedom : 1978 DP, alto sax; Mongezi Feza, trumpet; Lucky Ranku, guitar; Frank Roberts, keyboards; Ernest Mothole, bass; James Meine, drums. “Tete”: DP, alto sax; MF, trumpet; Nick… Continue reading

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MUJICIAN III (august air)


An ocean of sound emanates from Keith Tippett’s piano during this 1987 concert. As the title indicates, it’s the third such solo recital to get the “Mujician” marker, and his last solo statement on record until a 1992’s “Darlington Concert” release. Spellbinding, sprawling, and capable of generating beauty from both the inside and outside of his instrument, Mujician III marks a major high point of Tippett’s considerable discography.


No Gossip by Destination: OUT store Here is a deep, lasting (musical) marriage that is worthy of attention: Keith Tippett and Louis Moholo’s NO GOSSIP. An outstanding pairing of percussion and melody from the British pianist Tippett and South African… Continue reading

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FMP #11: Tippett; or, The Piano Player Shoots You

Mujician I & II by Destination: OUT store “Keith Tippett is the pianist with wings.” – Steve Day, FMP CD 095 liner notes A reviewer at Rate Your Music calls these performances the “evil twin” of Keith Jarrett’s Köln Concert,… Continue reading

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