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GUEST POST: Matthew Shipp’s tribute to teacher Dennis Sandole

PERHAPS ONE TOUCH OF The Brothers Sandole Modern Music from Philadelphia Fantasy : 1955 DS, guitar; Adolph Sandole, leader; Art Farmer, trumpet; John LaPorta, alto; Sonny Russo, trombone; Al DelGovernatore, piano; Wendell Marshall, bass; Clem De Rosa, drums. PARADIGM Dennis… Continue reading

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On the Bus, or: Your ’60s Hangover is our Breezy Summer Special

Originally posted 22 August 2006 BAIYINA Pat Martino Baiyina (The Clear Evidence) Prestige : 1968 PM, guitar; Bobby Rose, guitar; Gregory Herbert, alto sax, flute; Richard Davis, bass; Charlie Persip, drums; Reggie Ferguson, tabla; Balakrishna, tamboura. Regular and attentive readers… Continue reading

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