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This short-lived all-star assemblage of European talent only released one LP, and this is it! A large group that wears its size lightly, there is a lot of space for solos and smaller group work, while also allowing for some tremendously beautiful, all-in crescendos. And don’t let the “workshop” of the title lead you astray: this is a band with a full understanding of the repertoire, and complete command of the material. Come join The Family!

FMP Sweetmeats

Just in time for your Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Festivus shopping, we’ve got some brand new offerings in our FMP download store. They’re the perfect gift for that hard-working person on your list whose impeccable music tastes are never fully… Continue reading

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The Unheard Brötzmann

LOTSA BRÖTZ: We’re proud to introduce four key albums that have languished in obscurity for too long. Like his formidable playing, Peter Brötzmann’s sprawling discography is a force unto itself. Along with fellow titans such as Anthony Braxton and John Zorn,… Continue reading

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FMP #9: Lonely Brötzmann

To continue the Ornette vibe of this week, we are proud and delighted to bring you a phenomenal 1984 solo outing from Peter Brötzmann, one that kicks off with a loose, baritone rendition of “Lonely Woman.” What follows are 23… Continue reading

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Welcome to the D:O d/l store!

Elf Bagatellen, by the SCHLIPPENBACH TRIO . . Touch the Earth, Break the Shells, by KOWALD | SMITH | SOMMER We’re thrilled to announce the opening of the Destination: OUT download store. We’re offering high quality downloads of adventurous jazz… Continue reading

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Cherry Picking

[untitled 3] Hamid Drake & Mats Gustafsson For Don Cherry OkkaDisk : 1995 HD, percussion; MG, reeds. On the day Don Cherry died — 19 October 1995 — Drake and Gustafsson took the stage in Chicago and recorded a forty-minute set… Continue reading

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Horning In

MONOCEROS 2 MONOCEROS 4 Evan Parker Monoceros Incus : 1978 EP, soprano sax. In the pantheon of saxophone colossi, there is a special place reserved for Evan Parker. Taking late Coltrane as his jumping off point, Parker has expanded the… Continue reading

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