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Here’s something you don’t see every day: a solo album of “songs and improvisations” performed primarily on the accordion. Rüdiger Carl is nothing if not sui generis, and here listeners get a chance to hear Carl in a truly unadorned musical setting. The plainness of the package belies the playfulness, humor, and sheer sonic range of Vorn. From hoary chestnuts like “Those Were the Days,” to Pharoah Sanders’ “Aum,” and back to “Abide with Me,” the album crosses boundaries with aplomb, at times sounding as old fashioned as, well, a bandoneon, and at others, like some strange precursor to Mouse on Mars. You’ve been Vorned!

FMP – Three Sui Generis Rarities

We’ve got three new releases in the FMP Store. The only things they share in common are their excellence, their refusal to settle into cozy categories, and the fact that none of them were ever released on CD. They’re probably… Continue reading

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FMP Sweetmeats

Just in time for your Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Festivus shopping, we’ve got some brand new offerings in our FMP download store. They’re the perfect gift for that hard-working person on your list whose impeccable music tastes are never fully… Continue reading

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